We're your neighbors. We're your friends. We are Pastafarians.

The world is hungry for answers. We do not have them. What we have instead are steaming bowls of awesome sauce… And noodles (plenty of delicious, delicious noodles). And don’t forget the beer, the delicious, delicious beer.

We are People for the Advancement of Spaghetti Tolerance and Appreciation.

Our mission at The P.A.S.T.A Foundation is to advocate for worldwide understanding and acceptance of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We join our voices with the chorus of other world religions demanding equality and the freedom to practice our faith and traditions (most of which involve pirates, beer, strippers and delicious, delicious noodles). Together we will carry the sacred word of His Noodliness out into the world.

Who is The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

In the beginning was the word…and the word was “Arrrgh!” The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the Creator of our Universe.

To learn more about His Divine Noodliness, visit Venganza.

Why is our Church unique?

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the first ever truly open-source and non-hierarchal religion in history. Our only dogma is the rejection of dogma.

Expose yourself to our scripture! Read The Loose Cannon.

What is the purpose of
The P.A.S.T.A. Foundation?

We are not the Church. We’re an advocacy organization that seeks to uphold and protect the unique nature of our faith. Helping to unite Pastafarians worldwide!

Check out videos of our pastalytizing efforts here.

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