Ahoy fellow Pastafarians!!!

Here at the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation we continue to make great strides for worldwide Pastafarian equality. We have been busy pastalytizing to the masses, and dishing out the noodly goodness that is the gospel of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Every day our merry band of pirates gains strength as more and more people are touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Secure the cannons, Mateys!!!

The P.A.S.T.A. Foundation welcomes you to join in this epic journey for justice. As this movement grows larger we are opening up our organization to membership by Pastafarians everywhere!! We need you as we further our quest to gain official United States government recognition in the form of nonprofit 501c3 status. It helps our cause to become an open and democratic, member-based organization.

Can we get a R’amen!?!?


For a small annual contribution of $20 in membership dues you will receive your official membership card, along with a P.A.S.T.A. Foundation sticker. Show everyone that you’re a card-carrying Pastafarian!! Included with your membership in the P.A.S.T.A. Foundation are the following awesome benefits:

  • Opportunities to participate in organized pastalytizing events
  • Percentage off on all purchases of P.A.S.T.A. Foundation merchandise
  • Discounted tickets to Apostacon– the sauciest Freethought conference in the noodle-verse!
  • Exclusive deals from participating sponsor organizations
  • Subscription to our newsletter
  • Contribution to Kiva Lending Team FSM monthly initiative “Good Pastafarian Friday”

Become a member today and show your Pastafarian pride!!!

Help us reach our Membership goal!

Membership Application

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$20USD Annual Membership Dues


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