Board of Directors


Teddi Fishman


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Teresa Fishman is the Director of the International Center for Academic Integrity, an Academic Center housed within the Rutland Institute for Ethics at Clemson University. She has moonlighted as the Flying Spaghetti Monster after being touched by His Noodly appendage in 2005.

Her academic work is interdisciplinary and addresses topics that include the rhetoric of police writing, identity in online environments and the teaching of multi-media literacy as well as topics related to practical ethics and academic integrity.

Long before completing her PhD at Purdue University in Rhetoric and Composition and working as a faculty member in English and Communication, she worked as a police officer and deputy sheriff. She believes that the systemic integrity of education must be protected and that truth, science, and unfettered communication are essential for creating and maintaining peaceful, sustainable and just societies. R’amen!


James MacKenzie

Board Member

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Jimmy MacKenzie was healed of triskadekaiphobia when, in faith, he reached out and placed his hand in the noodle of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. From that day forward, MacKenzie swore an oath to spread the good word of the starchy entity that birthed the universe.

In his spare time, MacKenzie writes, rides motorcycles and enjoys seeing live bands play their hits. (Nothing off the new album, please).
MacKenzie lives in Asheville, NC.


Matt Johnson

Board Member

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Matt Johnson was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina by a very open minded mother who taught him critical thinking and the questioning of everything at an early age. At one point she felt guilt from her mother and decided to take Matt to the local Anglican church. He was soon asked to leave Sunday School for asking too many questions about that magical Jesus guy.

He self identified as a Deist through college at Western Carolina University where he earned degrees in Mass Communications and Computer Information Systems and into his adulthood. He has worked for a number of large corporations including IBM, FedEx, America Online and CBS Radio. He married his wife Lauren in a Unitarian-Universalist Church in Charlotte with a Buddhist minister officiating.

After moving to Asheville, North Carolina in 2005 to escape the traffic congestion and stifling summer heat of Charlotte, he began working for a small software company and founded an illustration art gallery and audio production company downtown.

Matt came to know His Noodliness last year through the help of some great friends and was attracted to His al dente nature. He is committed to fighting for religious tolerance and freedom in federal, state and local government.

Staff Members


Andrea Desky

Executive Director

Anthony Harden

Chief Photographer

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As Chief Pastagrapher, Anthony Harden does his part to spread the good word to the unwashed masses throughout the lands and across the briny seas with but a simple camera, a lens, and the improbable dream of one day catching a glimpse of our illusive lord on his sensor.